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Did you know that in a 2013 survey of 2000 adults more than half said they would stay longer at their company if employers appreciated them more?

Employees are your most important asset!

The key benefits of having motivated employees are:

  • Increased productivity, 
  • A positive working environment and, 
  • Longer term job commitment.

But without doubt the most important benefit is that happy staff will create a positive impression of your company, thereby contributing to sales and growth potential.

Employee incentives don’t have to cost the earth!

Before implementing an employee recognition scheme it’s worth considering the following:-

  • What activities or behaviours are you planning to reward? This will differ from company to company as, for example, you may want to reward sales targets or customer satisfaction.
  • What motivates your employees?  What works for one might not work for another. Take the time to find out your team’s motivations, career aspirations, likes and dislikes, and try to tailor the reward program accordingly.
  • What incentives will you use? Traditional incentives include bonuses or pay increases. Then there’s non-cash rewards such as gift vouchers, personalised corporate gifts branded with your company logo. Further education assistance and training courses may fit the bill, and don’t forget the value of simply saying “well done”.

Consistency is key! 

Avoid creating a demotivational effect by ensuring that similar teams are incentivised equally.

So remember…

Recognising and rewarding your team for their hard work and effort not only builds loyalty, but reminds them why your company is such a great place to work.

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