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Your mailing list is a valuable asset and if you’re planning a corporate gifts mailshot you’ll want to get the most value from your campaign. Sending gifts to those who’ve left or moved to a different position within the company is a waste of money and does not reflect the professional values of your brand; so it’s worth reviewing your mailing list carefully beforehand.

 Are you sending your corporate gifts to the right person? 

You may have contact details of your clients stored in various different places, so try to gather all your clients’ information into one central database. This is also a good opportunity for you to review your list of clients and establish whether the contact is the most appropriate recipient for your corporate gift. This will ensure your mailing list is up-to-date.

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 Will your corporate gift actually reach the recipient? 

We recommend you go through your mailing list and check you have all the accurate and relevant information. This may appear to be a time consuming exercise, but it is vital to clean your list regularly by removing or amending incorrect data and getting rid of duplicate entries, otherwise you may run the risk of alienating your clients if you send out corporate gifts that are wrongly addressed to them.

If you are unsure about a certain address, we recommend using Royal Mail’s Postcode Finder. This service allows you to find any postcode or address in the UK from their database of 27 million addresses.

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How often will you monitor your mailing list? 

Remember people will always be leaving companies, getting promoted or changing positions, so it’s worth going back and cleaning your client database. We recommend you establish a process for how often you will check your mailing list – you may wish to aim for at a least once a year.

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Spending time tidying up your mailing list will pay off in terms of efficiency and will allow your company to make the most of connecting with your clients throughout all mailshot campaigns.

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