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Can Eating Chocolate be good for Your Business?

We know that good quality chocolate’s good for the heart and blood circulation but a new study has revealed enjoying fine quality dark chocolate can also make us smarter.  Great news if you want to get the best out of your employees! The study, by the University of...

Why Eating Chocolate For Breakfast Is A Great Way To Start Your Day

A scientific study by Wolfson Medical Centre in Israel has shown that, contrary to popular belief, chocolate can help shrink your waistline, when enjoyed at the right time of day and in moderation.  Study participants who incorporated chocolate into their breakfast...

The Great Chocolate Debate: Part IV

Does chocolate cause acne? The idea that chocolate causes acne is nothing more than a myth, commonly used by parents to discourage their children from over-indulging on their favourite chocolate bars. Many scientists question the relationship between chocolate...

The Great Chocolate Debate: Part I

Handmade or mass-produced?  A host of scientific studies in recent years have concluded that there are significant health benefits in eating chocolate. But the known health benefits relate to good quality dark chocolate, the best of which is made by highly skilled...

Dark Chocolate – The Heart Protector

Every day we seem to hear more good news about the many health benefits of good quality dark chocolate.  With good reason too, as numerous research studies confirm that moderate consumption can help reduce cholesterol and protect the heart. Dark chocolate contains...

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