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Are Your Employees Worth Rewarding This Christmas?

Over half of UK employees have never received a Christmas gift from their employer – we ask why! At this time of year we start thinking about the office Christmas party and perhaps personalised chocolates as employee rewards for your hard-working staff.  But did...

Five Reasons Your Employees Are Unhappy and How to Fix It

It’s long been understood that employee satisfaction is important.  An unhappy workforce leads to de-motivation and high staff turnover, both of which are costly to business.  So how do you ensure your staff are a happy bunch?   Before you can do something about...

How To Make Your Boss’s Life Easier And Further Your Career

You probably won’t find it on a job description or a CV, but one of the most important skills you can learn as an employee is how to make your boss’s working life easier.  Endearing yourself to your boss is never a bad thing, but an awareness of what it takes to do...

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation!

Did you know that in a 2013 survey of 2000 adults more than half said they would stay longer at their company if employers appreciated them more? Employees are your most important asset! The key benefits of having motivated employees are: Increased productivity,  A...

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