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Over half of UK employees have never received a Christmas gift from their employer – we ask why!

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At this time of year we start talking about the office Christmas party and looking forward to a well-earned festive break.  But there could be disenchantment bubbling under the surface of many UK workplaces, as recent research by Red Letter Days for Business has revealed that that over half of employees have never received a Christmas reward from their employer.

And contrary to what you may think, it’s BIG companies that are the least likely to reward their staff.

This doesn’t bode well for a motivated and enthusiastic workforce come January!

Why should businesses reward employees?

The simple answer is that human beings like recognition.  Not only do we like it, but when we receive it we’re more inclined to work harder and strive for better results.  So there’s three key reasons to reward your employees:

1) To recognise hard work and loyalty,

2) To maintain engagement and motivation, and

3) To increase loyalty and long term commitment to the organisation.

When saying ‘thanks’ isn’t enough

Yes, praise can be a motivator – especially when it’s given in full earshot of the rest of the team.  But there’s no substitute for a small gift, and no better time to give it than at Christmas – ’tis, after all, the season of goodwill and generosity!

So what’s a good Christmas gift for employees?

Bearing in mind the cultural and generational differences of employees, it’s best to choose gifts that the majority will enjoy.

Whilst a cash bonus is a popular short-term incentive, employees are more likely to remember experiences – especially those they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.  A gastronomic experience, such as a wine and chocolate tasting event, is a great example of an exclusive occasion that employees will remember for a long time to come.


How can Chouchoute help?

Chouchoute has been creating unique and exclusive luxury chocolates for businesses since 2002.  Presented in elegant boxes with a wide choice of branding and gifting options, our chocolates are worlds apart from the high street brands.  Our bespoke corporate chocolate gifts are tailored to your requirements – whether you want to single out individuals for their hard work or show your appreciation to an entire team.

It’s never too late to recognise great staff, and Christmas is the perfect place to start!

So don’t let your workforce down this year –  show appreciation where it’s due and start the festive season on a high.  Speak to us today on 0121 314 3472 about our range of chocolate gifts for employees.

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